DESIGN PROCESS: Maritime Cowboy

experiement: after completing a 30-day public street-performance series, I wanted to find out... what happens when I conduct a specific daily action for an entire year? Can I stick to it and track the number of hours I spend on it, while also working full-time? How can I structure the experiment so that I ensure I'm set up to complete it? Will there be a tangible outcome...other learnings?...insights or behavioral patterns that are applicable to young-musician training? 

objective: to be a human guinnea-pig in order to study behavioral patterns and practice habits. To make more music and create something from nothing every day.

role: + performance / composition: vocals, piano, organaire, electronics, percussion + story-telling: lyrics, PledgeMusic +  visual direction and concepting  

with a little help from my friends: + production / engineering: Malcolm Burn + mastering: Greg Calbi (Bon Iver) + guitars: Malcolm Burn + drums: Tony Montalbano + organ: Reuben Allen + woodwinds: Brian Landrus + album photo: Alan Ritter + illustration: Emma Fitzgerald